Products and equipment

Ultra-powerful and compact screw-on pool light of CCEI
Mini pool lights are in style and CCEI has followed the trend with their new Mid BRiO compact pool light. It offers an unrivalled power-lumens-dimensions ratio with 2600 lm (monochrome) for a diameter of only 75 mm to create a real source of light in the pool.
Pools that save time and energy with ALBIXON
Pool and enclosure manufacturer ALBIXON has developed the QBIG BENEFIT pool technology, which saves time and energy costs. Pools with this patented technology are equipped on the outside with a 25-cm-thick thermal structure that serves as both a loadbearing and thermal insulating element of the...
Aquark Rides the Wave to Innovation with InverPad® Turbo Technology
Aquark is always striving to innovate products and services they provide. The Chinese pool heat pump manufacturer’s self-developed core technology dubbed “InverPad® Turbo” is designed to perform under cold temperatures and provide ultra-quiet operation.
A photometer designed to accurately measure 13 pool parameters
Various values in the pool are important to maintain optimal water quality. The PoolLab 1.0 offers an alternative to pool testers and test strips which usually only allow to read 2 or 3 water parameters such as the levels of chlorine and the pH-value.
The customised water treatment ranges of Pool Technologie
Pool Technologie, an industrial SME specialising in the treatment of swimming pool water, bases its activity on strong and recognised values: customer satisfaction, technical and managerial innovation, quality and the durability of materials and solutions.
Strong great new products for the Astralpool brand
In 2022, the AstralPool brand’s product range will be expanded. The successful LumiPlus Flexi underwater LED spotlights are being supplemented with the LumiPlus FlexiMini. Naturally, these small LED lights, which are ideal for integrating into steps, have all the advantages of the LumiPlus Flexi...
Vogue, the new recipe for success by Renolit
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN VOGUE is inspired by the latest interior design trends. The principle is to apply the resources of interior designers and architects used in house building to the pool, to make it into another element in harmony with the home. 
BestLife Hot Tubs: The Complete and Comfortable Spa Experience - for your BestLife
BestLife Hot Tubs are designed for comfort, quality and ease of care to provide maximum wellness benefits. The Canadian spa company Sunrise Spas is committed to the newest technologies and innovations to ensure that all of their spas and all-inclusive spas provide maximum wellness and comfort...
Wonder UV harnesses the power of ultraviolet disinfection technology
Wonder UV’s ultraviolet disinfection technology has low running and maintenance costs. The company recommends to clean quartz sleeves every three months, and change ultraviolet lamps every year, while ballasts should be replaced every three years.
A wealth of new products C.P.A.
For 2021, Italian company C.P.A. srl is presenting numerous new products and new product lines, designed according with the Italian style and design. The company’s production is expanding all over Europe (having Alba as central headquarter) reaching with own manufacturing plants the countries:...
A patented pool cover locking system of APF
The Autofix 2.0 system is a safety device patented by APF that is designed to lock automatic pool covers. In compliance with the strict French NF P90-308 standard, this system uses magnetic energy via receivers that are installed on the pool wall behind the lining (liner or reinforced membrane)...
The pool covers with cutting-edge technology of Covrex®
Covrex® is renowned in the swimming pool market not only for the quality of its automatic covers, but also for its 40 years of expertise in the field. Thus, its entire catalogue has been developed according to very strict safety standards, going beyond the usual legal requirements.
 New Leise Series heat pump features available
Cubic presents its new Leise Series heat pump features which are designed to minimize noise and provide ultra-quiet operation. These features are powered by CUBIC SILENCE TECH and Inver-CORE TECH.
VOYAGER IQ, the new electric pool cleaner by ZODIAC
ZODIAC is expanding its fleet of powerful electric pool cleaners with VOYAGER. The new product series, which consists of three models - RE4200, RE4400 iQ and RE4600 iQ - moves agilely and safely in all pools up to 12 x 6 m.
Clever & complete: the Poolfino turnkey solution by CF Group
An instant pool? Surely it’s a dream. With the Poolfino brand, CF Group offers complete skimmer or overflow pool systems made of polypropylene. The overflow pool is particularly comfortable, while the skimmer pool is the practical alternative.