The GS14 filtering wall fits seamlessly into swimming pools up to 40m3

The best-selling FILTRINOV filtering wall

The GS14 filtering wall is one of FILTRINOV's best-sellers. Perfect for building swimming pools out of polystyrene blocks, breeze blocks or shuttered concrete blocks, this filtering wall fits seamlessly into these builds as a solid part of the structure. It is recommended for swimming pools up to 40 m3 (8 m long).

This compact filtration unit, or all-in-one built-in filtering wall, comes with a removable cover including safety mechanisms as standard, as well as a control box to manage the filtration unit either automatically or manually (with a transformer and clock), lighting and a built-in part with a polyester casing.

The latter includes:

  • the 0.75 hp filtration pump (14 m3/h);
  • optional equipment;
  • a removable filter cartridge (25 µ filtration fineness) with a pre-filter leaf trap;
  • a wide-mouth skimmer;
  • 2 swivel return jets;
  • a spotlight with 270 coloured LEDs (15.9 W), offering a luminous flux of about 510 lumens, 11 colours and 5 animated sequences, as well as a remote control.

The available add-on options include a By Pass (GS14 VT model) for bypassing to a heat pump or a chlorinator (3-way valve and bypass tee joint), as well as a salt chlorinator (GS14 E model), the two of which can be combined (GS14 VT E model).