PooLSan pool and spa water treatment products are distributed in Continental Europe and French-speaking countries by ICP, a Paris-based company specialising in the development of products related to refined chemicals and operating in the field of water chemistry since 15 years.

The production is carried out in France by REFINAL Industries, Groupe DERICHEBOURG, based in Falaise (14).

These disinfection products with no chlorine are growing in popularity in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, and Norway and are distributed through more than 1000 sales outlets in France.

A success that can be explained by several reasons.  More and more users are looking for bio-friendly and efficient disinfection solutions. With this process, they can effectively disinfect the water in their pool or spa, but the copper ions in PooLSan also has an algicidal and persistent action, while acting as a flocculent at the same time.

Besides this, this ready-to-use liquid solution does not generate chloramines that are the cause of bad odour, allergenic and irritating to the mucous membranes.

At Piscine Global Europe, the company ICP also presented a preview of its PooLsan® Oxy Smart system, which enables the continuous production of hydroxide ions by the process of hydrolysis of water (ABOT - Advanced Bi-polar Oxidation Technology), to attain complete automation of water treatment.

With this system it is possible to control all the parameters of the water in real time in order to produce an optimal quantity of oxidant and PooLSan at all times.  For collective pools, the head of maintenance can manage all the pools on the control unit according to the signals emitted by the system.