Testing pool water is often a tedious task. Whether for checking pH, chlorine, alkalinity or cyanuric acid levels in water, test strips and pooltesters are often the most popular response because of cost considerations and ease of use by the consumer.

That is why WATER-ID/POOL-ID has created the new PoolLab 1.0, a spectrophotometer, equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0 and very simple to use, for private swimming pools and spasQuick access via its 6 keys allows instant access to the pH, chlorine (free/bonded/total), alkalinity and stabilizer (cyanuric acid) parameters.


PoolLab 1.0

The device is backed by software and an application, both free and synchronisable without cost via the Cloud. The user has permanent access to all the results of the measurements. The interface can also display dosage recommendations and the Langelier index, calculated by the software/application, based on the treatment chemicals recorded during the initial configuration.

If necessary, its small, integrated beaker, meant for water sampling, can be replaced. The device is waterproof IP68, but should be dipped in the water only for taking measurements. It comes with the appropriate reagent pellets and agitator.
By including other reagents (not included in the basic kit), it can also test active oxygen, bromine, chlorine dioxide, ozone or hydrogen peroxide levels.