Aqualux has launched a system for communicating and synchronising between various pool devices. Called Aqualux Link, it provides optimal and automated management of the interlinked devices.



In filtration, for example, the device is claimed to offer several advantages as the time of filtration is automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the water – it is no longer necessary to manually change the time settings of the control panel when the temperature rises. 


In addition, filtration starts automatically when the water temperature is around 0°C.  Filtration is also triggered by  the heat pump until the desired temperature is reached.Turning to water quality, metering pumps also set off the filtration function until the desired levels of pH and redox are reached. 


The pH dosing pump also automatically compensates for the natural increase in pH caused by salt electrolysis.  Furthermore, the production of chlorine by the salt-water chlorinator is automatically adjusted when the automatic cover is closed.


By using pool equipment only when needed, Aqualux Link helps to save energy while significantly prolonging equipment life.