Products and equipment

The PROFLEX swimming pool liner by Haogenplast, an exclusive SCP product
The PROFLEX swimming pool liner by Haogenplast is an exclusive SCP product. Haogenplast is renowned for both unsurpassed quality and a wide range of advanced features.
EasyStar turns small pools into a big hit
The EasyStar turbine driven counter-current system by BINDER turns even the smallest pools into a spa bath. Not only does the forceful current make intensive endurance swimming possible, it also enables wellness and health exercises. It is simple to install and it will be handled in just a few...
ITS Europe looks to a green future by cutting down on plastic packaging
ITS Europe recently unveiled a new line of eco-friendly packets. These “pocket packets” use no plastic and opt instead for paper that is light and recyclable.
SCP UK : AquaX heat pump with TurboSilence - Additional 20 % heat for free!
An exclusive and revolutionary proposal that combines the power of the Inverturbo (Fairland patented) and its silence. The new InverTurbo technology is the optimized result based on the Full Inverter technology
The new generation of Dryden Aqua's Activated Filter Media : AFM®ng!
Dryden Aqua's AFM® (Activated Filter Media) has been known for years as the best filter media on the market. Now we come to the new generation: AFM®ng!  
SPECK Pumpen presents two innovations
Last autumn, SPECK Pumpen presented new developments in their product range as well as in other areas. The pump manufacturer’s communication concept is also innovative as well as unique within the sector.  
Stainless steel swimming pool equipment by Pahlén
Counter-current units, massage-jets, skimmers, inlets, outlets and lights : the Swedish manufacturer Pahlén offers an exclusive premium collection of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316L components for swimming pools.
Palintest's Brand New Lumiso Pool photometers
Palintest introduces its brand new Lumiso pool photometers. They are designed for complete portability to perform testing pool or spa water anywhere. They use the most advanced photometric technology to deliver quick and accurate results : chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, bromine, calcium...
State-of-the-art pool lighting and heating
House of Duratech (the Product Brand of the company Propulsion Systems) is the innovative R&D and assembly centre for DURAHeatTM heat pumps and DURAVisionTM underwater LED lighting for swimming pools, with Spectra and Adagio underwater lamps. Via the LinkTouch system you can operate the lighting...
The new, silent and efficient Inverter Pool Pump from Aquagem
Dedicated to Inverter pool pumps R&D since 2017, Aquagem introduces its new Inverter PFlow. The pump is quiet (36,6 dB(A) at 1 m at 40% running capacity) and energy-efficient, thanks to the InverSilence technology. It offers silence and performances for the filtration of the swimming-pool. 
The new double-sided painted reinforced membrane by BWT
The new BWT reinforced swimming pool membrane is extremely hard-wearing. Surface V2F, which stands for the French “Surface Vernie 2 Faces” or “Double-Sided Painted Surface”, is long-lasting and offers excellent shock resistance. Two 75/100 PVC membranes are assembled onto the ultra-slim...
The Pro-Line range by Kripsol for swimming pool professionals
The Pro-Line range by Kripsol is made up of Premium products, designed for professionals: the KS Evo VS variable speed pump, the AK Evo filter, the KLX Control System, the Atlantis Evo robot and the  i-Komfort RC Full Inverter heat pump.
FITT B-Active: pressure testing for pool hoses, fittings and glues
The pool hoses and pipes of the FITT B-Active family and the pool fittings on the market, joined in all combinations using the most common glues, have been subjected to stringent pressure tests.
The new premium offer for pool water treatment
POOL TECHNOLOGIE, specialist in automatic treatment systems for private and commercial swimming pools, has launched a range of premium products and services exclusively dedicated to professionals. Natural pool Series is a new range of next-gen salt chlorinator/pH regulator combo devices for pool...
PHNIX Launches R32 SpecialLine Penguin Mini Pool Heater
Recently, PHNIX releases a brand-new mini pool heater named SpecialLine Penguin, which is specially designed for the above ground pool from 5 to 15 m3. Not only does it have the appearance of a penguin, but it is also actually as tall as an adult African penguin.