Products and equipment

New Triogen low pressure UV range
Triogen has introduced a new range of low pressure UV water disinfection units, the Aquaray SLP-WF range. It offers increased possibilities for fountains, ponds, water features and ornamental lake applications with a range of flow rates 60 to 300 m3/h.
Easy uncovering of Swim Spas
Standard swim spa covers generally prove difficult to handle. However, the innovating mechanical lifter together with the new lightweight structure cover Czech manufacturer USSPA make it possible to uncover a swim spa with just one hand!
Bobbin wound filters
Australian manufacturer Waterco introduce their latest range of bobbin wound filters which offers a large choice of available diameters. These are also available in 2.5 bar, 4 bar and 6 bar ratings thanks to a new manufacturing technique.
Juno by Pacific Spas
Building upon 38 years of expertise, Pacific Spas craftspeople have engineered Juno, a new and hand crafted ‘resort’ spa with exclusive details. This full featured spa is specially designed to meet UK and European market needs and was made for both resort and residential use.
Wellness spas 2 and 3 by Coast Spas
Coast Spas launches a new concept with the Wellness 2 and 3 spas, the latest evolutions of their Wellness Series. The company chose to innovate by creating a spa where one can enjoy the dual benefits of exercise and warm water relaxing effects.
Robotic pool scrubber
Available in the spring of 2009, Kleen Machine robotic pool scrubber outperforms all other cleaners for an affordable price. Kleen Machine will clean, vacuum and scrub the entire pool including walls, waterline and bottom.
Accessible balneotherapy
LUMI-O International launches the spa-Ô, a rotation-moulded spa that makes balneotherapy accessible to everyone. It has 4 spacious ergonomic seats and a deeper resting bench.
Infrared cabins
The new Infra Smart infrared cabins do very well thanks to the Incoloy heater technology – which has been proven to be effective. They are made of durable, wholesome Canadian Red Cedar wood, and are easy to assemble due to a handy clip system.
X7 Quattro
This new hydraulic robot by Zodiac operates with open skimmers, which guarantees perfect results since debris on the surface, floor and walls are eliminated in one single operation.
Heat exchangers
Bowman's new range of swimming pool heat exchangers is on display at the Interbad 2008 show. Representatives of the UK manufacturer can assist customers in ing the right heat exchanger ratings charts in the standard catalogues or, if necessary, by using a computer aided ion programme.
Design Garden Showers and Swimming Pool - Access Ladders with different Materials
Together with well known designers, the German company Eichenwald has developed a new garden- and wellness-shower range.The new developments convince the customers with straight or slender design, with a successful combination of exotic woods, eg. Bamboo or teak, with stainless steel.
Kings of robotics
Aquatron is described as the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of robotic swimming-pool cleaners.
Automatic treatment of POOL TECHNOLOGIE
Pool Treatments by disinfectant dosage and pH regulation of POOL TECHNOLOGIE
Disinfectant by saltwater chlorination by POOL TECHNOLOGIE.