Products and equipment
TriVac ™ 700, for a same cleaning power of the pool
The new TriVacTM 700 pressure cleaner cleans both the bottom and the surface of the water with the same cleaning power. It will make short work of any dead leaves, pine needles, pollen and insects floating on the surface. This innovation by HAYWARD is based on the classic pressure system, using...
The Pool’Gom family is growing
Following the success of PoolGom®, then PoolGomXL®, the range of multi-surface magic erasers has been increased with the arrival of Easy Pool’Gom®, which is ergonomic and just as magical!
The stabiliser destroyer is finally here!
The stabiliser, also known as cyanuric acid or isocyanuric acid, is essential for swimming pool water treatment. It prevents the destruction of chlorine, used for disinfecting water, which disappears under the effects of the sun’s UV rays. Unfortunately, if the stabiliser level is too high, it...
Innovative Plug & Play heat pumps for above-ground pools
Under the Duratech brand, Propulsion Systems, a Belgian R&D and assembly house producing for heat pumps and underwater LED lighting, is introducing a new innovation for the 2019 season: the Hot Splash 35, the smallest Plug & Play heat pump for above-ground pools.
New products for water treatment as tabs and tablets
After the launch of the T-multifunction 250g tablets this same year, CF Group is launching three new products in its Chemoform line. The ChlorTab2 Multifunction 400g is the new “all-in-one” solution, composed of two layers.
BADU Block Multi 125/250 and BADU Genio
SPECK PUMPEN has extended the BADU family and is presenting two new pumps. The BADU Block Multi 125/250 is suitable for all types of swimming pool water. Due to its surface qualities, it has a permanently improved grade of efficiency.
 Protecting automatic covers for longer
In winter, automatic covers are there to protect your pool from impurities and dead leaves. But to protect the cover itself, also affected by outside pollution, APF presents the Protect One 2.0, which acts as a protective screen from November to February.
The BAHIA pool shell gets a makeover
PISCINES IBIZA is taking advantage of the Lyon exhibition to announce the upcoming launch of its new line of polyester shell pools, which will be marketed from the first quarter of 2019.  The BAHIA, the largest model in the PISCINES IBIZA pool range, has been completely redesigned, featuring a...
Maximum safety – with the Aquastar® comfort SafetyPack
In order to maintain a perfect and „healthy“ water quality, regular backwashing of the filteris essential. And this is where the AquaStar® comfort SafetyPack comes into play. Its features: The backwashing is easy to adjust, as well as time- and/or pressure-independent.
Home Spa: the new hydro-massage spa ideal for couples
Aquavia presents the Home Spa, the most attractive, minimalist hydro-massage spa at the moment. Ideal for couples, it will find a place in suites or superior hotel rooms but also in private homes. Its compact dimensions contrast with its versatility, thanks to a design that allows four different...
Complete range to test pool and spa water
LaMotte Europe display this year their range of water testing equipment.Visitors can find on their stand the Insta-Test test strips that include a high density, desiccant lined bottle to provide moisture and light protection, stable colour development, and no cross contamination between pads....
Top of the range water treatment solutions
POOL TECHNOLOGIE offers Professional Salt as part of its core product range. This salt water chlorinator is designed for large volumes, with a chlorine production capacity of 800 g/h and partial or complete destruction of chloramines, a source of pool problems.
Digital cockpit for the new PEPS robot
As you may have already noticed, the latest swimming pool cleaning robot models from Hexagone Manufacture come with the brand’s new Hexa Touch Cockpit, fitted with the Magellan 2.0 operating system.The latest models of the Chrono Viking and the PEPS will be fitted with this new, completely...
DURAVision™ Spectra: new range of LED lighting
For the 2019 season, Propulsion Systems, house producing the DURAHeat™ heat pumps and DURAVision™ underwater LED lighting, is introducing, alongside the MOONLIGHT and ADAGIO PRO, a new range of LED lighting : the brand new SPECTRA.
New range of DIN standard Micron Commercial filters
Waterco manufactures large, high pressure-rated filters and uses the latest in fiberglass winding technology in the manufacture of its newest Micron range of filters. This range – intended for commercial pools – has a new addition: it is made to the specifications of the DIN 19605:2016-05...