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The power of the new PEPS 200 from HEXAGONE is written into the genes of this robotic cleaner meant for collective and semi-public swimming pools.


With its soft-bristle brushes, rotating 3 times faster than its travel speed and its pump powered with a «Ninja» turbine, this robot is able to suction all the dirt from a swimming pool, even in corners or in shallow water.

Nothing can resist it, not even a pebble or a pinecone!

The dirt is collected in its ultra-resistant bag, filtered through several filter fineness.

PEPS 200 d’HEXAGONEBut this is not all: equipped with direct traction, meaning there is virtually no wear and tear of parts, the PEPS robot is controlled by radio control or is self-guided in automatic mode by its Metro Nav autopilot. Whether in instant or delayed start mode, its trajectory management is worthy of the finest and its gyroscope and infrared computations, combined with a powerful microprocessor, enable it to adapt itself to the pool and calculate the optimal cleaning trajectory. It takes only 45 minutes to clean an 18-meter swimming pool!

Everything is controlled from a colour touch screen, located on its trolley, from where one can verify and analyse the entire robot and carry out its self-diagnosis. Practical tips for use are even provided directly on the screen.

With more than 30 years of experience in public swimming pool robots and with a presence in more than 35% of European public swimming pools, the extended Hexagone after-sales service can easily cater to the specific needs of hotels, campsites and individual demanding clients, 5 days a week, from 5.30am to 6pm.

The PEPS is delivered with its own stainless steel trolley.






To be discovered at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona






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