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New LED underwater light improves safety

EVA Optic, Dutch developer of LED underwater lighting , introduces a new LED underwater lamp which precisely from a safety viewpoint is highly suitable.

More and more often security is the reason to opt for underwater lighting, both in public and in private swimming pools at home. Good underwater lighting improves visibility of swimmers and can thus be an important tool for lifeguards.

The EVA Optic Q1 is a LED underwater lamp with a unique design. The Q1 has a very wide beam. This ensures an evenly, down to the bottom lit pool without dark corners. The Q1 also has a very high light output (similar to 150W halogen), while energy consumption is only 15W. This makes the Q1 besides safe also very energy efficient.

This underwater lamp is compact, the overall diameter of the lamp with integrated cover plate is only 10cm. This makes the underwater lamp not only suitable for swimming pools but also for paddling pools, pool steps, shallow ponds, Jacuzzis and whirlpools, etc..

This underwater lighting is available as a complete set consisting of: Q1 LED underwater light with integrated disc, separate driver and power supply and niche.



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