DEL's Spa Ozonators Keep Hot Tub Water Pure and Fresh

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DELs Spa Ozonators Keep Hot Tub Water Pure and Fresh

Your spa or hot tub ozonator is one of the most critical parts of your hot tub water maintenance. To keep that pure, clear “feel good” water you want to experience in your hot tub, you need to make sure your ozonator is working to its full capacity.

The spa ozonator is an ozone generator that injects dissolved ozone into the spa water where it is one of the most powerful oxidizing disinfectants on earth, yet virtually undetectable by human touch. This natural form of oxygen combines with organic matter of all kinds to kill or neutralize it. Ozone is 200 times more powerful than chlorine and up to 99.99% effective against bacteria and viruses that lurk in a hot tub. As an added benefit, the only byproduct of ozone is ordinary oxygen – no chemical residues.

Ozonators Wear Out

What many spa owners do not realize is that the ozonator can wear out, just like tires on your car. Most ozonators will last about 3 years, and then begin to fail, sometimes almost over night. Without the sanitizing power of the ozone, organic matter can build up quickly, and water quality deteriorates. Many owners try to compensate for this by adding more and more chemicals, sometimes creating chemistry imbalances that can even result in hot tub rash.

Replacement Hot Tub Ozonators Bring the Water Back

Replacing a worn ozonator is a simple matter. Many hot tub owners can do it themselves, or your spa technician can handle it very quickly. The impact on your spa water will be immediate.

OZONZ Test kit
Testing the Ozone Generator

DEL Ozone manufactures an ozone test kit that quickly determines if the ozonator is making sufficient ozone. If not, a replacement is warranted. Your spa technician can use the maintenance call to check the ozone check valve, tubing and other important components to keep your spa working properly. For a small investment, you can recover the pleasurable hot tub water you want.

Why DEL Ozone?

DEL is the #1 brand in spa sanitation. Most portable spas are manufactured with a spa ozonator built in, and DEL Ozone has made over 80% of these in the last 10 years. DEL is the innovative leader in Advanced Sanitation Solutions based on ozone technology. Your hot tub is at home with a DEL.

Spa or Hot Tub Ozone Generators by DEL Ozone

Spa ozone generators by DEL Ozone can help keep the water fresh in every kind of portable spa or hot tub. Whether you are replacing a worn ozone generator or installing one in a new hot tub, there is a DEL model that is right for you. Ozone has been used as the primary sanitizer in the majority of portable spas for over a decade. Your DEL ozone generator is the reason your new spa water felt so good. Now, you can get that water back.

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