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The Movable Floor system will enable you to transform your pool into a safe and practical space suitable for a number of uses. The high load capacity of the floor when fully raised can transform the space into a social area or terrace suitable for functions and gatherings.
By controlling the floor level, you are also able to adjust the depth of the pool creating a secure area that is suitable for use by children, people with disabilities and those unable to cope with larger depth pools.

The Submersible Boom system allows you to divide your pool using an automatically raised wall. This system is ideal when being used to separate indoor and outdoor pools, experienced swimmers from casual bathers or in conjunction with a movable floor, can create a zoned area for multiple uses.

The Motorized Hatch is a unique space saving system that houses an automatic slatted cover in the floor of the pool. Our precision engineering has produced a hatch opening that lays flat on the pool floor, completely sealed, making it almost invisible to the naked eye.
This system is better suited to pools of unusual shapes and when installed using our range of highly engineered plastic slats, becomes energy efficient by significantly reducing water heating and other related costs.

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