PPP prefabricated swimming pool structure by Procopi

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When it comes to pool building, the PPP (Picture Perfect Pool) kit is perfect for people searching for a simple, fast and cost effective solution. The panel structure is assembled quickly and easily without any great physical or financial effort.

Easy assembly and rapid installation

Procopi PPPPPP panels are light, handling is effortless and storage is easy. The non-corroding panels are joined together using a self locking key, no tools, nuts or bolts required. As easy as child’s play, assembly of the PPP panel structure takes just a few hours.


PPP panels are moulded on state-of-the-art thermoplastic injection presses. Two types are available: rigid for straight lines and flexible for free form structures.

The panels are pre-cut by a robot to receive pool-fittings (underwater lights, skimmers, etc). The same robot then stacks the panels on pallets. Thus, the entire production process is fully automated.

Several shapes and dimensions are available (rectangular, semi-oval, oval and ovoid) and one can choose from 4 different types of steps (straight, roman, corner and straight inside). Any type of pool base is possible: wedge, flat, curved, etc.

Panels, corners supporting braces
The panels are available in two heights - 1.50 m (17 Kg) and 1.25 m (15 Kg) - with 1 m width and are made of black high impact polystyrene.

The corners are available in two heights - 1.50 m (8.1 Kg) and 1.25 m (6.3 Kg) - and are made of black high impact polystyrene.

The supporting braces are available in two heights - 1.5 m (10.5 Kg) and 1.25 m (9.5 Kg) – and are made of black polypropylene.

The filtering blocks are available in 2 versions: traditional MTi sand filter or SOLIFLOW filtering block integrated into the pool border.

Procopi PPPA robust and indestructible structure

PPP panels are made of synthetic resin, a very strong ecological rot-proof, non-corroding material. The manufacturer offers a 10 years non digressive guarantee.

Structure features:

  • Adjustable stakes to secure the panel firmly to the ground.
  • A hung aluminium profile is clipped onto the top of the panels further stiffening the structure.
  • Reinforcing ribs run the entire width of each PPP panel for added rigidity.
  • Supporting braces at 1 m intervals join the panels together and strengthen the structure.
  • The panels are pre-cut in the factory to receive Aquareva pool fittings and the Soliflow filtration unit.
  • Assembly of the panels using a system of interlocking keys requiring no tools, nuts or bolts.
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