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The launching and commercialisation of the APSignature Waterlift represents the renovation of Astralpool’s commitment to innovation and to attaining excellence in terms of being highly practical, using the best technologies, carefully studied design and respecting the environment.

Waterlift represents a reinvention of the current systems used for getting into a swimming pool, and it combines elements of both the conventional ladder, and the complex access systems for handicapped people. By combining the best of both,
Waterlift is the perfect solution for getting into and out of a swimming pool comfortably, without any effort, both for people with limited mobility as well as for any user.

AstralPool has designed
Waterlift using the best technology in order to achieve a highly functional product, ergonomically designed, which makes it easy to use and integrate with the pool surroundings, so as to reduce its visual impact.

95% of the materials used for its manufacture are recyclable and this reduces its impact on the environment at the end of its useful life.

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