A Dolphin for every pool

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Maytronics has set up the exclusive and distinctive 3 Class concept – A Dolphin for Every Pool

* Basic class – Dolphin Moby – for small pools up to 10 m' in length.
Independent autonomous small light weighted robot, power full
brushing capabilities, cleans pool floor and corners, self contained filter
bag, Do It Yourself worry-free  maintenance.

* Wall climbing class – Dolphin Diagnostic and Dolphin Magic
Climbs walls and cleans waterline, scrubs sweeps and filters even fine dust
particles. Green-Eco-Friendly-Technology in hard working robots that are programmed
to last the distance.

* Top class – Dolphin Dynamic Plus, Dolphin Luminous and Dolphin Plus Battery
Wireless user friendly remote control provides a selection of multiple unique cleaning programs and parameters.
Patented cable swivel and clogged filter bag indicator offers easy maintenance.
Top of the line technology redefines the standards in pool cleaning.

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