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We met Alessandro Mezzalira, the CEO of the FITT* Group, at the Piscine Global trade show in Lyon. Without a shred of doubt, this meeting highlighted the dynamics and ambitions of this major Italian manufacturer, especially on the French market.


Alessandro Mezzalira pdg du groupe FITT

Interview with Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT on November 14, 2018


Next year, you’re celebrating fifty years of innovations!

Indeed. For 50 years, FITT has been designing, manufacturing and selling pipes, hoses and ducts for domestic, industrial and professional use. They use cutting-edge technology and design to guarantee reliability, safety and performance to all our customers. My father, Rinaldo Mezzalira, founded the company in 1969. While I’ve been its CEO for 10 years.

What have you personally brought to this business?

The internationalisation and collective sense of our FITT 2023 vision. In 2017, FITT generated a turnover of €222 million, 73% of which came from exports. This growth can be explained by our constant strong desire to innovate. We are organised to tackle the future and always adopt a long-term view, including major investment in R&D which focuses on products and on state-of-the-art technologies and technical tools, as well as our human resources, management, marketing and communication, while always keeping customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal - whether it’s professionals or private individuals. This approach has meant we now have 9 production sites (6 in Italy and 3 in Europe), 13 logistics sites around the world and 6 subsidiaries employing 850 workers.

Is the swimming pool sector important for FITT?

Of course. To prove this point, we have been attending the Piscine trade show in Lyon for 15 years and the amount of our turnover for this venture alone represents tens of millions of euros.
Moreover, France is historically our most important market, so we have two logistics centres for the country, in Lyon and Nantes. It’s a key market for rolling out our brand and expertise. I’m convinced that the success of our approach on this demanding market is directly linked to the international success of our products.

So does this international trade show in Lyon fully live up to your expectations?

Yes, we are particularly proud of showcasing our innovations at this unmissable professional event. It helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the market and meets our needs.  The meetings are stimulating and give our Research and Development centre even more impetus to develop our innovations and technological achievements! We therefore have a very positive view of the market.
The demonstrations and tests conducted at the trade show are very important as they allow industry professionals to get first-hand experience of our know-how, to see our involvement and to understand our expertise. It is essential for us to highlight the quality of our products and advances compared with what’s available on the market. We constantly innovate because we think that by listening to the end customer and by continuing to pinpoint new, high-quality products, we can defy the market and be successful.

Tell us about Interplast, which is quite rightly well-known on the French market
Our subsidiary, Interplast (acquired in 2006), has started a smooth transition of its brand identity, in the knowledge that eventually it will fly the full colours of the FITT brand which will be the branded house. This process announces a clear ambition: to become a key player in Europe in the manufacture and distribution of technopolymer and thermoplastic polymer products for the transportation of fluids in the building, garden and industry market sectors!

*FITT, with its headquarters in Sandrigo (Vicenza, Italy), is a family-run Italian company specialised in the development of solutions for transporting fluids for industrial, professional (buildings and infrastructures) and domestic use (gardening and leisure activities).



For more information: https://www.fitt.com/en/

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